Pagination Title Attribute
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Adding Post Pagination Attributes in WordPress

Be sure to checkout this comment to see why adding title attributes may not be a good idea. When it

Envato and WordPress
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Officially Partnering with Envato and WordPress

For the past several years, I’ve contributed a number of articles and premium tutorials to Envato specifically around WordPress. The

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WordPress Theme Development: Know Your Customer – The Blogger

When it comes to WordPress theme development, one or the areas that developers often find themselves wrestling with is just

The theme is dependent on a wrapper, the wrapper dependent on the API.
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WordPress Settings API Wrapper? No Thanks.

From time to time, I end up having conversations with other developers about the state of the WordPress Settings API,

Using Google Fonts in the WordPress Editor
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How To Add Google Fonts To The WordPress Editor

When it comes to building themes in WordPress, one of the nicest things that you can do for your users

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WooCommerce: Attach File (PDF, etc.) To Emails

Sure, you can add content to a given WooCommerce transactional email such as the Customer Processing Order email. You can

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A Simple Helper to Check if a Post Has Comments or Pingbacks

A previous post, I shared a strategy on how to separate comments, trackbacks, and pings in a WordPress post. In

File Upload
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Programmatically Upload Files in WordPress (and Create Associated Meta Data)

This is post one of two on how to upload files in WordPress and created associated meta data. In a

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Filtering wp_title and Why This Matters

For anyone who has experience in building WordPress themes – or even just one theme – or anyone who has

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Developers Need Help Marketing WordPress Themes

If you hang around the WordPress Community long enough (that is, those people who are involved in working on WordPress

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Separation of Concerns with WordPress Templates

One of the biggest pain points in working with WordPress templates – or, really, any  PHP and HTML in general

Partials in Mayer
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A Rule of Thumb for WordPress Partials

For anyone who has worked with WordPress on some level, you’re likely familiar with the concept of templates. In the

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How To Retrieve Posts with Multiple Taxonomies

I think that one of the more underestimated aspects of building solutions with WordPress comes with leveraging custom post types

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Programmatically Delete Files in WordPress (and Their Associated Meta Data)

This is post two of two on how to upload files in WordPress and created associated meta data. Read the

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Strategies To Future Proof WordPress

You’ve gotta be prepared for the future, just in case you end up there. For those of you who have

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My Workflows For WordPress: Self-Hosted Projects

In the previous article, I shared a bit about how I try to streamline my workflow based on where my