You can use Search and Filter Pro with Beaver Builders Themer Post Module columns post layout, this guide goes through the tweaks needed and uses a CPT (custom post type) archive page.

Create your Posts Module CPT Archive Page via Themer

search & filter Pro Shortcode

Search & Filter Pro Shortcode


General Sfpro Columns Module

Columns Layout


General Sfpro Columns Main Query

Main Query – using CPT Archive


Create your Posts Module with the columns layout on a CPT Archive page with Beaver Themer and add in your Search and Filter Pros shortcode. The Posts Module has to use the main query.


Search & Filter Pro Settings

General Sfpro Columns

Example uses ‘Lights’ CPT


Display Results Sfpro Columns

Display Results settings

The key setting is to set the Ajax container ‘.fl-module-post-grid‘ and check the Ajax checkboxes as above. This CSS class will change depending on the layout chosen.

See a masonry example set up here.


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