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Hide or show WooCommerce payment methods based on postal code
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How to Hide Payment Methods based on Postal Code

In this tutorial I will show you how you can disable or enable payment gateways in WooCommerce depending on customer

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Get Posts or Terms from All Blogs in Multisite Network

So, How to Get All Network Posts in a One Query? Click the links below to jump to a specific

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Checkout Anywhere for WooCommerce

Usage To display WooCommerce one page checkout anywhere just insert [anwr_checkout id=”PRODUCT IDS”] in that place, replace PRODUCT IDS with

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Removing Default Gutenberg Blocks

In this tutorial I will show you a super-simple way to remove any of the default Gutenberg blocks from the inserter.

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Change Product Tab Titles and Headings

Why do you think I decided to create a separate tutorial about renaming product tabs? 🤔 Because everything is not as simple as it seems, especially when we are talking about the Reviews tab.

JavaScript in WordPress post title
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Escaping Outputs. Ultimate Tutorial

It is about how to protect your code from XSS attacks properly without over-escaping.

Using Block Manager to turn off WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks
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How to Turn off / Disable Unneeded WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks

Once you activated WooCommerce on your website, you may notice that near 20 new blocks have appeared in editor. But do you really need all of them?

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Self-Hosted Plugin Updates

How to perform your plugin updates not from but from your own custom server?

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How to Properly add CSS to Gutenberg Editor and the Blocks

The goal of Gutenberg editor is to display the website content while you’re editing it the same way it is displayed on the website. But if you’re using your custom theme, it isn’t going to happen just by itself.