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2017 Plans: What Would You Say You Do Here?
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2017 Plans: Blogging, Products, Consulting, and More

Though yesterday’s post was talking about a new endeavor (or even just a single post, at the moment), it was

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A Look Towards 2017 (Starting with 2016)

With this being the last post of the year (and I look towards 2017), it’s easy to want to fall into

WordPress Messages
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WordPress Messages via Custom Code

WordPress messages, especially custom messages, are becoming a bit of a sore spot for developers, bloggers, content managers and so

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Control Activation of a WooCommerce Extension

When creating a WooCommerce extension, it’s important to consider that when the extension is activated, the user may not have WooCommerce installed

PHP Autoloading in WordPress
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PHP Autoloading: Object-Oriented Programming

PHP autoloading is a topic that, once you’ve begun to employ it in your projects, is hard to avoid doing

wp_safe_remote_get in the API Docs
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Remote Requests with wp_safe_remote_get

Yesterday, I shared a post on how to use wp_remote_get but I left out an alternative function: wp_safe_remote_get. The original

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Remote Requests with wp_remote_get

If you’re read any of my previous posts on retrieving remote files, then you know that old habits die hard

WordPress Plugins are Adopted by Professional Themes CTO
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WordPress Plugins Are Adopted: Thank You!

A couple of days ago, I shared that I was looking to put some of my plugins up for adoption.

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Writing Better Code For WordPress-Based Projects

I don’t remember exactly when I first stumbled across Joel Spolsky’s blog Joel on Software, but it was at some point

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WordPress Plugin Adoption: Would You Like One?

All of these plugins have been adopted. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your interest! I’ll

Refactoring WordPress Plugins: Diagramming the ideal path.
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Refactoring WordPress Plugins: A Small Example

One of the ways that WordPress plugins come to be is that, at least in my case, they start off

Medium versus WordPress:
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WordPress Versus Medium: Does It Really Matter?

This past weekend, I spent time closing a bunch of sites, exporting content from one service to another, preparing to consolidate

Visual Studio Code Debugger: Setting a Breakpoint
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Visual Studio Code Debugger: A Primer and Screencast

In previous posts, I’ve talked a bit about why using a proper debugger versus some of PHP’s built-in statements are

Xdebug and Visual Studio Code: Xdebug
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Xdebug, Visual Studio Code, and MAMP

Using Xdebug and Visual Studio Code is something that’s pretty easy to setup, but given that I’m still using Visual Studio

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Using a WordPress Hook for Updating Options

Updating options within the WordPress admin is simple, right? It’s a matter of filling out a text field, checking a box,

Why Keep Using WordPress?
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Why Keep Using WordPress If You’re Not a Fan?

If you work with any set of technologies for a long enough period, you’re going to develop a sense of