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How to Use WebP Images in WordPress?

Do you want to start using WebP images in your WordPress website? WebP image format is the best image solution

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How to Add Free Live Chat to Your WordPress Site

Have you added free live chat to your WordPress site yet? Adding a live chat to your site might be

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How to Create a Cookie Consent Popup in WordPress

Have you added a cookie consent popup in WordPress yet? As per the EU cookie law, if your website gets

Change WordPress URL via the Admin Dashboard
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How to Change URL of WordPress Website

Do you want to change the URL of your WordPress website? If you have bought new domain names for your

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How to Automatically Translate WordPress Website

Is your website multilingual?- If no then you are missing out on a large amount of traffic because of this. 

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How to Add Push Notification on your WordPress Website

Are you using push notification on your website to notify your users about the newly published blog or announcement? If

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How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress Post (Easily)

WordPress Featured Image is the image that appears at the top of the individual blog post. It indicates what the

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Step by Step Guide: How to Create Responsive WordPress Website

When it comes to Content Management System the foremost beneficial and popular platform is WordPress without any doubt. It is

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How to add Author Box in your WordPress site

Do you want to add a WordPress author box to display the bio in the information of the writer in

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How to add Preloader in WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Do you want to know about preloader and how to use WordPress preloader on your website? Preloader is a simple

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How to set up Staging on your WordPress Site

If you have a WordPress site, you know that frequent updates, adding new plugins/themes, and design changes are part of

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How to Remove Date from Your WordPress Posts

Do you want to hide autor and date from posts? If you don’t regularly update your WordPress posts then It’s

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How to Export/ Import WordPress Posts

Do you want to export and import WordPress contents from one website to another? Export and import are powerful built-in

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How to Hide Page or Posts Title in WordPress – Simple Steps

Have you ever know how to hide page or post title in WordPress? – Yes, it is possible. By default,

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How To Create Your Own Custom WordPress Theme

One of the many things that make WordPress the most popular CMS in the world by far is the incredible