If you’re new to blogging and want to create a self-hosted WordPress blog but don’t know where to start, this recent – and very helpful – infographic by DreamHost (the very same web hosts used to host the WordPress blog you’re currently looking at) could be all you need to get off the proverbial WordPress starting blocks!

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Simple Tips to Start/Create Your own [WordPress] Blog:

How to create a WordPress blog

– infographic created by DreamHost.

Summary: Beginning with the benefits of blogging and some simple demographics/numbers, this beautiful infographic highlights six simple steps on how to start/create a self-hosted WordPress blog: step 1. Choose a subject to blog about; step 2. Give your blog/website a name, purchase the web domain, and setup hosting services; step 3. Install an-easy-to-use blog platform [read: WordPress – the go-to blogging tool of the decade!]; step 4. Create quality content for your blog; step 5. Stay consistent with your blog posts; step 6. Market your blog with social media; step 7. Place advertisements on your blog to generate revenue [a step which is, of course, entirely optional].

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