Did you know you can password protect WordPress posts and pages?

WordPress comes with an awesome ability to password protect your posts. This feature is built-in the WordPress core. Here, I’ll teach how to password protect your posts in WordPress.

Why do you Need to Password Protect WordPress Posts/Pages?

Password protected posts and pages can only be accessed by users who have passwords. It gives you the ability to display post to a specific group of people. Suppose you are running an online course website. And, you have a few courses that you want to give access to only premium users. In such a case, you can use password protect WordPress features to do just that.

Password Protect Your Post/Pages in WordPress

It is quite easy to password protect a single WordPress post. All you have to do is log in to WordPress dashboard. You can create a new post or open an existing post to password protected it. password-protected-post_pages


You’ll see a visibility option on the right-hand side of the editor. Click on it and set the visibility to password protected. Now set the password on the field and hit publish button.

preview of password protected post

preview of password protected post

Now it’s time to check whether it’s working or not. Visitors are requested to enter the password before they can view the content. Apart from that, WordPress will add a protected label before the title of the post by default.

If you have used same password for all password-protected post then

That’s it! You have successfully password-protected posts and pages in WordPress.

Final Thoughts 

So, this is how to password protect WordPress posts/pages. Hopefully, you find this article helpful. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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