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WooCommerce: Hide Price & Add to Cart for Logged Out Users

You may want to force users to login in order to see prices and add products to cart. All you

Why Keep Using WordPress?
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Why Keep Using WordPress If You’re Not a Fan?

If you work with any set of technologies for a long enough period, you’re going to develop a sense of

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You Should Come to WordCamp Atlanta 2017

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp Atlanta, WordCamp US, and several local meetup groups

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Temporary Options in WordPress: Our Best Option?

When it comes to programming, the idea of temporary values or temporary variables or any way of storing data temporarily

WordPress Subactions (as seen in bbPress)
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When To Use WordPress Subactions (And What Are They?)

I recently walked through the process of using a class’ constructor to prevent a plugin from working if it an

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Stop Plugin Execution Without a Dependency

If you approach a lot of WordPress plugin development from an object-oriented perspective, then you’re eventually going to hit a

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How to add Author Box in your WordPress site

Do you want to add a WordPress author box to display the bio in the information of the writer in

WooCommerce: Hide Prices from Shop & Category Pages
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WooCommerce: Hide Prices on the Shop & Category Pages

Interesting WooCommerce customization here. A client of mine asked me to hide/remove prices from the shop page and category pages

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Querying Event Post Types with WP Query and The Event Calendar

If you’ve done any work with The Event Calendar from Modern Tribe, then there’s a chance you’re familiar with some

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WooCommerce: Hide Coupon Code @ Cart & Checkout Page

When you apply a coupon code programmatically, or when you really need it anyway, you may want to hide the

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WordPress Admin Notices: Toggle Them With This Plugin

Last week, I shared some thoughts on my desire to do a better job of sharing personal projects – regardless

UI Component Libraries: The 10up UI Components
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UI Component Libraries for WordPress via 10up

When it comes to working with UI component libraries in WordPress, I usually look to jQuery UI. Sure, there are