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The Negative Effects of Changing WordPress Theme Design

For as much as I’m a fan of approaching WordPress theme and plugin development as one would any other type

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Turning Off WordPress Pingbacks

One of the features of WordPress that used to be significantly more popular is that of trackbacks and pings (or

This isn't madness. This is WordPress.
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Disrespecting the WordPress Customer, Damaging the WordPress Customizer

It’s no secret that one of the things that I love most about the most recent versions of WordPress is

JavaScript in WordPress - The Big Ball of Mud
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An Attempt to Improve JavaScript in WordPress

One of the things that’s always been somewhat of a point of pain in both theme and plugin development is

If only software launches were this amazing.
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Steps for Soft Launching WordPress Products

One of the things with which I’ve just started experimenting is soft launches of product updates. That is, I’m providing updates

Probably the coolest set of goggles I ever owned.
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The Usability of WordPress Featured Images

Featured images (also referred to as “post thumbnails”) are nice features to include in WordPress themes, but there are times

The WordPress Media Uploader
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Your Own Instance of the WordPress Media Uploader

One of the nicest features of WordPress 3.5 was the introduction of a refresh of the WordPress Media Uploader. For

Work to educate all of your users.
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Educate Your Users in Open Source Software

One of the things that I’m working hard to have released by the end of the month is the latest version

Open Source Developers
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Stop Including Custom CSS in WordPress

One of the things that I think many, many young (that is: inexperienced) theme developers do is ship a custom.css file in

No Edit Anchor
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Aim for a Single Way to Achieve a Single Task

When it comes to user interface design and user experience, I’m no expert (nor have I ever claimed to be).

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Adding More Fields to the WordPress Media Uploader

Last week, I shared a short post on how to include your own instance of the WordPress Media Uploader in

Design Patterns in WordPress
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Thoughts on Design Patterns in WordPress

Whenever the topic of talking about using WordPress as a foundation for web applications comes up, I always get mixed

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Tagging Untagged Posts in WordPress

This weekend, I shared how to setup a query to find all untagged posts in WordPress that aren’t tagged with

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Find Untagged Posts in WordPress

It’s common for people to categorize or tag their posts when using WordPress. This is true for the average blogger

Custom Meta Box Tab Example
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Custom Meta Box Tabs in WordPress

One of the things that has become relatively common within themes that offer a lot of options is the use

WordPress Theme Updates
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WordPress Theme Updates Are New Themes

I know that there are different ways that people approach building WordPress themes and I’m not one to argue that