When it comes to Content Management System the foremost beneficial and popular platform is WordPress without any doubt. It is an easy task to create a responsive WordPress website which can be then used for a number of purposes such as blogging, carrying out any eCommerce business, portfolio websites, forum websites, membership websites, event website, e-learning website and so on. This platform is extensively flexible and can be molded to the purpose of use. WordPress’s basic tutorial is sufficient for anyone to create a WordPress website.

How WordPress is the most reliable CMS?

Using WordPress is absolutely easy even as a beginner. It is free of cost and one does not need to have tedious coding knowledge to use it. One can experiment with endless possibilities when it comes to designing and customizing a WordPress website. WordPress comes with free WordPress themes and plug-ins which can be used to increase the basic features and functionality of the website. WordPress is safe to use and ensures the security of your data. While using WordPress you get to interact with the ever-increasing WordPress community and learn new techniques and innovative usage from WordPress development tutorials and WordPress tutorials for beginners.

The need for a Responsive WordPress Website:

With the increasing number of people accessing the internet through various devices, the traffic is also rising which is why you need to have a responsive WordPress website. Otherwise, chances are that you might lose viewers, users, or potential customers if you are running a business and plan on growing your business through WordPress because who would like to use a website that is lagging and slow-loading. Therefore, it has become the need of the hour for any custom WordPress development company to focus on building WordPress responsive design by optimizing WordPress themes and plugins.

Based on the hosting there are two options available, WordPress.com which is a completely hosted website building platform offering everything needed to create a website, and WordPress.org which is a self-hosted one where you can download the WordPress CMS software and customize your own website with the help of WordPress development tutorials. If you want to see the difference between WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

The step by step process of building a responsive WordPress website:


For building a responsive WordPress website, to start with, you need to buy a domain name and a hosting plan. Then you need to install WordPress and apply a responsive theme that you have built taking help from WordPress theme development tutorials. You can also keep your content ready beforehand so that you can copy and paste it directly without wasting time looking for it afterward.

  • Domain Name: A domain name representing your company is absolutely necessary to find the targeted audience. An extension of.com can work wonders. You can also choose your company name as your domain name.
  • Hosting Plan: After selecting a domain name you need to choose a WordPress hosting plan suitable to your needs for visitors to visit your website. You can opt for shared hosting which is considerably cheap and many websites share the same server and its resources or you can choose dedicated hosting where the usage of the resources of the server is limited to one user only. Managed WordPress Hosting provides you with specific WordPress tools and manages your website.
  • Creating Content and selecting images: Ultimately you come to the task of creating your content which people will view in order to know about your services and products. Good content can help to promote your brand value. Make your content rich with images. Create separate pages for Services, About, Contact Us, and so on. You can also include bios of specific people if you have multiple departments, so that people know who to reach out to. You can then directly paste this demo content on your website after choosing a proper theme.

Building your Website:

Building a website becomes super easy when you take assistance from the WordPress tutorial to create a website.

  • Install WordPress: After having decided on the above-mentioned prerequisites, you need to install WordPress through the link provided by your hosting company which will take you to your account dashboard requiring your username and password. After providing the required information about your site you will able to install WordPress and access the WordPress dashboard by filling up the username and password. You can take help from the WordPress tutorials online.
  • Install WordPress Theme: You can apply a suitable theme from your WordPress dashboard. You can go to appearance and then upload a new theme from the downloaded folder which has the themes. You can also apply responsive WordPress website templates.

WordPress Themes Popular Free WordPress.org

  • Install WordPress Plugins: For the theme to function properly you need to install certain plug-ins. You will be notified about this in the dashboard. You can click on the option of Begin Installing Plug-ins by which the installation screen will appear directly. After selecting all the plugins, you can click Install and then activate the plug-in. The WordPress plug-in development tutorials will guide you.


Customizing your Website:

WordPress customization tutorials will help you to make the necessary customization to give your website that attractive look.

  • Importing Demo Content: To build your site faster you can install demo content and then you can replace it with your own content by editing the demo content. You also get the option of adding new modules, icons, text boxes, images, videos.
  • Customizing the Outlook: You can change the appearance of your website by changing the fonts, adjusting the header and footer, add your own background image and logo, and more.

Choosing the ultimate Responsive WordPress Theme:

You can either choose to shop from the wide variety of high-functionality and high-quality themes suited to your business already available or you can build your own WordPress theme. A theme is absolutely necessary for it offers you various functions and changes the look of your website. It is also instrumental in attracting customers.

Building a responsive WordPress website is becomes an easy task with the help of WordPress tutorials step by step. As WordPress is a worldwide community it provides support in terms of WordPress coding tutorials and WordPress tutorials online.

Wrapping Up

To sum it all up, you can create responsive WordPress website using the above-mentioned methods.

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