What Are Source Maps? Enqueuing Styles
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What Are Source Maps (And Are They Needed)?

If you work on the front-end of a site in any capacity – be it for a plugin, a theme,

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WordPress: How to Add CSS to a Specific Page URL

This is an interesting topic. A WordPress/WooCommerce client could not add CSS via the usual way. In fact, Gravity Forms

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WooCommerce: Disable Default WooCommerce CSS

There are times when you really want to do things right, you have a 5-figures budget and all the time

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WooCommerce: Add CSS to Order Emails

Unlike your WordPress theme, you can’t just add CSS to your style.css in order to customize the look of the

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WooCommerce: Category as “Body” Class @ Single Product Page

A Business Bloomer fan asked me an interesting question this week: how to apply CSS on the single product page

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WooCommerce: Change the “Remove this Item” Icon @ Cart

I have a very long to-write list. Possibly I have enough content for another 2 years 🙂 However, the other

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WooCommerce: Full Width Featured Image @ Single Product Page

The standard layout for the WooCommerce single product page features the main/featured product image on the left and the title/add

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WordPress Image Alignment Settings – Explained!

The subject of aligning images is one that’s commonly misunderstood by WordPress newbies. When you go to add an image

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How to Add Custom CSS to a WordPress-Powered Website – the RIGHT way!

For newbies, adding CSS to a WordPress website is no easy task. It is, however, sometimes a very necessary one.

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What is CSS? What Does it Do? And What is it Used For? (Video Explanation)

Ever wondered what makes things look as they do on the web? Or how to change the design of a

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How to Change the Font Size in WordPress (Video Tutorial)

If you’ve ever looked at your site and thought “I’d like to make some of the font sizes on the

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How to Change the Footer Appearance in Thesis 1.8 WordPress Theme

To change the footer element in Thesis 1.8 theme for WordPress you need to take care of a couple of

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The Top 35 All-Time Most Popular HTML/HTML5 Website Templates on ThemeForest

Following a previous article of ours, in which we took a look at the 35 most popular WordPress themes currently

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CSS Hero Review: WordPress Theme Customization Made Easy!

When it comes to getting a website looking exactly as you’d like it to, the sheer wealth of different WordPress

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Make WordPress Twenty Sixteen Single Posts Go Full Width

In the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme when the viewport is over 985px the single posts float to the right of

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Add a Class to a Featured Image in WordPress

You can add a CSS class to a featured image in WordPress using an array in the_post_thumbnail   if( has_post_thumbnail()