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Genesis or Divi – How To Choose Between The Two…

Divi and the Genesis Framework are two of the most popular options available to WordPress users in the market for

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Add a Facebook Like Box HTML5 style to Genesis Child Theme (Responsively)

How to add a HTML5 version Facebook Like Box  to a Genesis Child Theme and make it responsive… Facebook Code

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Add a Favicon Icon to Genesis Child Theme in WordPress

There are a couple of ways to add in a Favicon Icon into a Genesis Child Theme, either filed in

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Create Another Header-Right Widget Area in Genesis Theme to Display on Certain Posts and Categories

I had to create a separate Genesis Header-Right Widget Area for a client that needed to display different elements in

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Changing the Thumbnail Size for Genesis Featured Posts Widget

Genesis has a great Featured Posts widget with a lot of options to configure including whether or not  to include

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Removing the Authors Name from the Post Info in Genesis Child Theme

By default in a Genesis child theme the post-info info on a blog single post contains the article date, authors name

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Creating Full Width Fluid Divs in Genesis Theme for Sales/Landing Page

Getting full width pages in Genesis – Its colorful and long and goes on and on and on – sales

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Remove the HTML Tags and Attributes from Comments Box in Genesis Child Theme

By default in Genesis Child theme and general WordPress themes, html tags and attributes in the Comments field are displayed for

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Create a Footer Area with Left and Right Widgets in Genesis Child Theme

In the Sample Genesis Theme or a vanilla Child Theme, there is no actual Footer Widget Area, rather just a

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Add a Full Width Row Above Footer Widgets in Genesis Child Theme

How to add a full width content row in the area directly above the footer widgets in a Genesis Child

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Create a PreHeader Full Width Wrap Bar in Genesis Theme

Pre-Header Optin Form and Menu Required If you have a layout that requires a pre-header full content wrap that needs

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Adding in Google Plus Authorship and Publisher Profile to Genesis WordPress Theme

As of 26th June 2014, Google has announced that they are dropping the profile image and circle count from the

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Using Navgoco as a Vertical Multi-Level Menu in a WordPress Genesis Theme

Looking for a expandable/contractable Vertical Multi-Level Slide Menu in regular WordPress or Genesis themes, Navgoco has you covered. Create Your Menu Set

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Add a Submit Button to the Search Input Field in Genesis Search Widget

By default the Search widget in a Genesis WordPress theme does not have a submit button, just hitting enter on

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Add a Full Width Responsive Header Image to a Genesis Theme

You can add in a full width responsive image header into a Genesis child theme by using the header element

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Faux Full Width Page Titles in a Genesis Child WordPress Theme

  This layout calls for a full viewport width background color of the page title which is to appear on all