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Using a Registry, Subscribers, and Services in WordPress

TL;DR: I find the using a registry, subscribers, and services very useful when building backend-centric plugins and utilities for WordPress.

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PHP 8 – What is important to know?

The new version of the popular programming language PHP 8, is now released (November 26, 2020), bringing with it many

touch is not the 'one solution to rule them all'
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Touch a File (Before Creating It)

If you do any type of WordPress development for clients, then you’re likely familiar with having to work within many

PHP Sessions and WordPress: WordPress Native PHP Sessions
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Working with PHP Sessions and WordPress

Earlier this week, I was talking with a friend and fellow developer about how I handle sessions in WordPress. Specifically,

Exclude Files From PHP CodeSniffer: A potential directory structure.
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How to Exclude Files From PHP CodeSniffer

When you’re working with PHP CodeSniffer, and you’re doing so in the terminal, you’re likely looking to output errors into

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Add a column to the posts admin overview page.

How to add a custom column to the posts admin overview page. In this article we will have a look

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When Valet Stops Working Properly, What Do We Do?

I’m a fan of using both Homebrew and Valet when it comes to setting up and configuring a basic WordPress

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Learn The New Thing! (Wait, Not So Fast)

One of the things that I dig about the software development industry (others, too, but this is where we are,

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Does WordPress Hold You Back as a Developer, Really?

One of the commentaries that we often read or hear about WordPress is its “low barrier to entry” and why

Multiple Versions of PHP with Homebrew: brew services list
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Running Multiple Versions of PHP with Homebrew

One of the challenges with building solutions on WordPress is working with the various environments each host provides. That is,

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Sanitizing URLs in WordPress with Its API and Built-In PHP Functions

Working with user-centric fields in WordPress – such as input elements, textarea elements, or any type of field in which

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Secure WordPress Form Submission: An Object-Oriented Approach

Years ago, I wrote a post in which I shared a public function to determine if the user had permissions

WordPress template_direct Hook: template_redirect
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An Alternative to the WordPress template_redirect Hook

The majority of the work that I do right now focuses on custom plugins or utilities that work on top

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Quick Tip: Sanitize Post Data in WordPress

The more I begin to try to use PSR-2 coding standards and tools such as GrumPHP (and those related to

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What Content is Next for Site Members?

When I set out to create a members-only section of my website, it was to do two things: provide members

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Organizing WordPress Settings Screens with Namespaces

As many of us continue to move forward with PHP7+, we can continue to take advantage of a lot of