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WooCommerce: Hide Price & Add to Cart for Logged Out Users

You may want to force users to login in order to see prices and add products to cart. All you

WooCommerce: Hide Prices from Shop & Category Pages
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WooCommerce: Hide Prices on the Shop & Category Pages

Interesting WooCommerce customization here. A client of mine asked me to hide/remove prices from the shop page and category pages

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WooCommerce: Hide Coupon Code @ Cart & Checkout Page

When you apply a coupon code programmatically, or when you really need it anyway, you may want to hide the

Avada: single product page social sharing WooCommerce
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WooCommerce & Avada: Social Sharing @ Product Category [resolved]

A client wanted to add the social sharing icons provided with Avada theme on the shop loop and product shortcodes

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WooCommerce Conditional Logic – Tags, Examples & PHP

The conditional tags of WooCommerce and WordPress (also “WooCommerce and WordPress Conditional Logic”) can be used in your functions.php to

WooCommerce: show sale prices @ Cart Table
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WooCommerce: Display Regular & Sale Price @ Cart Table

In my opinion, the WooCommerce Cart table is somewhat confusing. Why isn’t the “sale price” displayed there? Well, this is

WooCommerce: move "You may be also interested in..." section under the Cart Totals
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WooCommerce: Move & Change Number of Cross-Sells @ Cart Page

This week’s snippet is about the Cart Page (perfect timing, as in a few days I will run a free

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WooCommerce: Display & Save WP User Field (e.g. user_url) @ Checkout

I’m curious to know how many had the same problem. At WooCommerce checkout, some user fields such as billing_name, shipping_address_1,

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WooCommerce Brands: Display Brands @ Loop, Shop & Category Pages

A freelance client hired me to display each product brand in the shop/loop page. The WooCommerce Brands plugin, in fact,

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WooCommerce: Add New Row @ Order Totals (Email & Thank-you Page)

While working for a freelance client, I did some research on the code that generates the “Order Totals” table. This

WooCommerce: editing "Have a Coupon?" message @ checout
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WooCommerce: Edit “Have a Coupon?” Message @ Cart & Checkout

I wanted to do something different on my own checkout page, and change the default “Have a Coupon?” message. Thankfully,

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WooCommerce: Display % Discount @ Shop & Loop Pages

Default WooCommerce shows a “Sale” badge if the item is on sale – but what about showing the exact sale

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WooCommerce: Display Total Weight @ Cart & Checkout

Following up from the other day’s snippet (deny checkout based on cart weight), you might want to show what is

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WooCommerce: Edit Add to Cart Min, Max & Step Quantity

Yes, there are many plugins that already achieve this. But my goal at Business Bloomer is to save you from

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WooCommerce: Disable Zoom, Slider & Lightbox @ Single Product

Sometimes, cool things don’t apply to certain businesses. Also, keeping the default WooCommerce behaviour might slow down your website, should