How fast a website loads is a BIG DEAL. Why? Because almost all websites are created to fulfill a purpose — whether that’s building brand awareness, making sales, capturing leads, or something else — and anything that helps a website better fulfill its purpose (such as ensuring a site loads as quickly as possible) will be worth its weight in gold.

Just how influential is site speed? Well, it all depends on where on the scale of site speed your website currently falls. If your web pages are all loading within one to two seconds, you’ve almost certainly less to gain* by concentrating your efforts on speeding things up than if you have a website that loads in four to five seconds. (Note: If you’re not sure how fast your site loads, have a read of this earlier post of ours on how to find out using a free online tool called GTMetrix.)

For the lowdown on exactly how site speed can affect your business, have a look at the following infographic by WordPress web hosting experts WPEngine, which explains it all rather nicely.

‘How Site Speed Affects Your Business’ – Infographic:


Why Site Speed Matters - Infographic

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Infographic by WP Engine.

*Depending on the number of visitors (and their potential worth) your site receives each month.

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