The year is 2001 and every Stanford MBA is a dot-com startup founder. Online shopping is a brave new world teeming with new entrants boasting dubiously high valuations. Online shoppers are easily elated, not nearly as fickle as those of today. They are overjoyed merely at being able to buy something without leaving the comfort of their home. Flash forward twenty years and things could not be more different. 

However, the actual checkout experience remains relatively unaltered. Is it any surprise, then, that today’s online shoppers are as fickle as they are? Do they not have every right to be abandoning carts left and right? 

From the dot-com wreckage came Amazon, which did a lot right early on, including the optimization of the checkout experience. Until recently, one could reasonably assert that only Amazon was delivering an optimal checkout experience with its one-click checkout feature

As we might expect, they had the very idea of one-click checkout patented until 2017. Since then, a new type of company — the checkout experience platform — has emerged to deliver one-click checkout to an increasing number of online stores. In the face of this revolutionary phenomenon, there have been those who insist on clinging to highly beautified, multi-step checkout flows. Perhaps nowhere else is this faction louder than on WooCommerce, which should come as no surprise given the platform’s prevalence and customizable nature. 

The problem is that these holdouts are completely missing the point. The truth is that most online shoppers value convenience over everything else. It’s not like Amazon’s UX/UI  is much to boast about, but in the last six months 83% of US consumers have made a purchase on Amazon. One-click checkout simply delivers an elegance of its own, one deeply rooted in simplicity. 

1-Click Checkout Solutions for WooCommerce

As it stands, the most prominent players in the one-click WooCommerce checkout space are PeachPay, Bolt and Fast.

Of these, Bolt exclusively services merchants raking in over $3 million in GMV and Fast’s WooCommerce plugin seems to be in beta, although it is unclear. What is certain is that Fast for WooCommerce has stoked complaints regarding lack of customization, the need to create a new payment terminal for processing, and the lack of a confirmation screen before order placement (which clutters up the order feed for merchants).

Thus, PeachPay is possibly the best bet for WooCommerce merchants interested in delivering one-click checkout, which makes all the more sense when one consider the company’s stated mission of “democratizing one-click checkout” (what better platform to begin with than one that powers 1 in 4 online stores?). 

For first-time users, PeachPay generates a streamlined form that is already simpler than most of the checkout flows we come across. But instead of stopping there, PeachPay remembers users’ information so that the next time they come across the button they can simply check out with one click.

In keeping with Amazon’s one-click checkout flow, PeachPay gives users one last opportunity to review their preferences before placing an order.

PeachPay’s supplementary mobile app also offers post-checkout features, such as order history aggregation, item tracking, and more.

As of yet, there are no companies referring to themselves as “post-checkout experience platforms”, but the term could perhaps fittingly be extended to PeachPay all the same, making it even more of a must-have for WooCommerce stores

How to Enable 1-Click Checkout with PeachPay

  1. Download the PeachPay for WooCommerce plugin by going to your store’s dashboard > Plugins > Add New and then searching for PeachPay, or click here:
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. When the prompt appears after activation, give the plugin permission to place orders (this is the only thing the plugin does, but WooCommerce doesn’t support finer permissions, so that’s why you see it asking for more than just permission to place orders).
  4. After activation, click the link in the banner at the top to set up your Stripe Connect account.
  5. After signing up, PeachPay will email you the activation key!

Here are some screenshots:

Installing PeachPay for WooCommerce
Giving WooCommerce permission to PeachPay
Connecting PeachPay with Stripe (whether you have a Stripe account or not)
Setting up PeachPay. Your one-click WooCommerce checkout is now active!

Win Instant Access to the PeachPay for WooCommerce Plugin

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