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WooCommerce: Disable Zoom, Slider & Lightbox @ Single Product

Sometimes, cool things don’t apply to certain businesses. Also, keeping the default WooCommerce behaviour might slow down your website, should

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WooCommerce Customization Masterclass: WordCamp Dublin 2017 Slides & Video

I had the pleasure to co-organise the very first WordCamp Dublin this year. We welcomed 26 amazing speakers, 250 attendees,

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WooCommerce: Per-Product Terms & Conditions @ Checkout

A freelance client sells two distinct products on the same website: a membership and an online course. Two different audiences,

Prototype To Code: File Organization
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Rapid Prototyping: Prototype To Code, Part 2

The previous post demonstrates a lot of work in taking something that was once a rapid prototype and taking that

Prototype To Code: Branching
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Rapid Prototyping: Prototype To Code, Part 1

As far as rapid prototypes and WordPress are concerned, we’ve done two things thus far: planned the plugin, sketched out

Concept Analysis: Breaking down the meta box.
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Rapid Prototyping with WordPress: Concept Analysis

In the previous post, I started walking through the process of taking the idea for a plugin that rapidly prototyping

Rapid Prototyping: An Initial Sketch
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Rapid Prototyping with WordPress: From Concept To Plugin

I’ve talked about using WordPress as a tool for rapid application development in a past article. But the longer I

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What Are WordPress User Caches?

If you’ve ever worked on a project when you need to work with WordPress authentication cookies, then you’ve likely stumbled

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The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing: WordCamp Rome 2017 Slides & Video

I had the pleasure to speak at WordCamp Rome 2017. Yes, the very first WordCamp in my hometown (I left

WP_Query Readability Improvements
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WP_Query Readability Improvements (For Maintenance)

Working with WP_Query, especially when you’re doing some custom work outside of the usual “get some posts and display them

Latitude and Longitude in PHP
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Latitude and Longitude in PHP: A Few Useful Practices

In previous posts, I wrote a good bit about working with the Google Maps API. Truthfully, I haven’t worked with

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On Immutable Values in WordPress Plugins

If you’ve done any work – or even any reading – on object-oriented programming, then you’ve likely come across the

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Sending Secure Ajax Requests in WordPress (with Nonces)

I know that the REST API is a huge topic of conversation in WordPress right now, and rightfully so, but

Introducing Autoloading: The File
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Rapid Prototyping: Introducing Autoloading

Over the last few posts, I’ve walked through the process of taking an idea from concept to prototype. Granted, there are

WordPress Queries with IN Clauses
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WordPress Queries with IN Clauses (Who Knew)?

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post on how to use WP_Meta_Query whenever you have a set

A PhpStorm WordPress Theme: Material Theme UI
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An Option for a PhpStorm WordPress Theme

Since talking about making the switch to PhpStorm, I’ve gotten feedback: from “the first thing you need to do is