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Ways to Restrict Content in your code with WooCommerce Memberships

In this tutorial — custom text and HTML restriction by a user membership plan. Conditional checks for custom post types and taxonomies. Code only.

WordPress Tutorials

How to use Select2 for your Meta Boxes. Creating AJAX-based Posts Dropdown with Search.

A couple days ago I added to my plugin some types of inputs that allow to multiple select posts and categories. But what if you have thousands of posts? The dropdown AJAX search is also supported. And now I want to share with you how to do it.

WordPress Tutorials

How to Paginate in All Multisite Posts

Sometimes it is required to display the posts from all multisite network blogs on the homepage or on a separate page. And in this tutorial I will show you how to create a pagination for all network posts.

WordPress Tutorials

Bulk Change Custom Order Statuses

WooCommerce already allows to bulk change default order statuses. But what if you registered your own custom order status and now you would like to add it to bulk actions on the orders page.

WordPress Tutorials

Add ID and Parent Comment ID Columns to the Comments Table in /wp-admin

Maybe I used an incorrect search query in Google but I didn’t find any information on this. There is lot of information about columns to posts, to users, but nothing about comments. I will show you how to remove columns as well.

WordPress Tutorials

Additional Order Details on the “View Order” and “Thank You” Pages

In the first post of this series we added our own custom checkout fields, in the second post we customized Order Details metabox in admin area. Today we’ll add order custom fields to user pages: Order Received page and View Order page in My Account.

WordPress Tutorials

Add Order Meta Fields to WooCommerce Emails

For now it is the last post in the series about WooCommerce order meta. We began with checkout page, then we added order meta in WordPress admin, and to “Thank you” and “View Order” pages. Now it is time for emails.

WordPress Tutorials

Password Strength Meter Customization in WooCommerce

Usually website owners do not want their clients to be annoyed with the password strength notifications. I was asked a couple of times to customize WooCommerce strength meter and after that the idea to create this tutorial appeared.

WordPress Tutorials

WooCommerce Beginners Guide

You may notice that most of my advanced tutorials are about WooCommerce now. Let me show you how I came to this.

WordPress Tutorials

Previous Next Post Navigation for Multiple Post Types at once

By default when you want to display links to previous next posts, WordPress will show the same post type as the current post. In this tutorial we will make it work for both Posts and Pages at once.

WordPress Tutorials

3 Steps to Integrate Your Own Theme with WooCommerce

I tried to make this tutorial as simple and clear as possible. Only necessary information about theming in WooCommerce.

WordPress Tutorials

REST API – Create, Update or Delete posts using Basic Auth and HTTP API

In this tutorial we will use the Basic Authentication method to create the interaction between two WordPress websites.

WordPress Tutorials

Interacting with Twitter API in WordPress: How to get your favorite tweets

Everything began when I decided to collect tweets with positive feedbacks to my plugins. Once the tweets were collected, they should be displayed on appropriate plugin pages.

WordPress Tutorials

How I created Visual Composer Element to Display Multisite Posts

Yes, yes, yes, I know that I always say how much I don’t like visual builders for WordPress. But one of my clients asked me to integrate this multisite plugin functionality with his website that use Visual Composer and I decided to help.

WordPress Tutorials

Change Prices of Items added to Cart in WooCommerce

Sometimes we have to recalculate product prices and their totals when products are already added to the cart depending on some condition.

WordPress Tutorials

How to Add Images to Media Library after Uploading them in PHP Programmatically

Well, this code works not only for images but for any file type allowed by WordPress.